My kiddos and I in 2017, photo credit to the AMAZING Tisha Johnson Photography!



     Photography was in my world for a long time before it became a business for me. I was THAT kid that begged my mom to order me cheap cameras with kits from Scholastic and used ALL of my mom's film. I'm not joking, she started to ration my film to once a week and no more 'doubles'. In 2011 I began taking photos for friends and family. In 2012 I officially started offering sessions to the public. I have grown a lot since those beginning days, but am so thankful for everyone that supported me along the way and continues to support me as I continue to grow!


     For me, photography is a way to 'keep' a moment. I can take a moment of my children's lives and keep it forever. I can take a photo at a wedding of a moment that won't happen again, and they can look back on that picture for the rest of their lives. THAT is what excites me about photography!


     Outside of Bentley Photography, I am Mom to two beautiful little people, Jack and Maddie. My husband and I are also parents to our beloved Tallulah the Great Dane, Minnie the Chorkie, and our puuurrrdy kitties Ernie and Loretta.  During the week you can find me teaching Secondary School Art, English, History and Special Education. Somewhere in there I like to squeeze in the gym and I am currently playing hockey once a week. I like to stay busy.

     My goals as a photographer are to capture the moments you want to preserve, to give you clean, crisp photos full of colour and feeling! I want to represent YOU in YOUR photos, I want you to feel and LOOK natural! Lastly, I am to continuously improve to give you my best! I am completely transparent about all aspects of my business, and would love to answer any questions you may have! 

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