I shoot all of my sessions "on location," or, not in studio (since I don't have a studio space to offer). This means that YOU, for the most part, get to choose your location! You might have a space in mind, but if you don't we can work together to pick a place that best suits you and the look you want to achieve in your photos. Here are some ideas to get youo started. Please note, this list is by NO MEANS inclusive, but there are many great options listed!


It's always a pleasure to be able to use spaces like family farms and properties. For best results, we can work together to prepare for the session by sending me some photos of the property before hand. Your rural property, uncle's farm, or grandma's house on the beach are all a photographer's dream!

Copetown, ON


One of my favourite spots throughout the year as it offers a variety of looks and spaces including a stone bridge, walkways, various trees, Willows and a stream.

Hamilton, ON


The RBG is a beautiful venue and has breathtaking gardens, but requires a permit for use. The trail nearby winds through beautiful landscapes, marsh land, forest and over streams. I really loved this location in the fall!

May 12, 2016


This spot offers a set of tracks that are not in use, however, it is next to live tracks. The sunsets are lovely here with the tall grass that surrounds the tracks.

Brantford, ON


This public park is a bit of a 'hidden gem' since many oversee the beautiful and simplistic areas perfect for a summer photo session. There are plenty of tall trees, little paths, and after a short walk down a hill you can go by the Grand River.